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Sweet Lolita


Today I’ll be talking about the Sweet Lolita pieces I’ve been been drooling over on Bodyline!

I’m not usually a ‘sweet’ or ‘girly’ person, but there’s a lot of pretty stuff to choose from, so these are the few pieces that grabbed me and I’ve seen positive feedback for.

Honey Parish Blouse



A popular and well recommended blouse from this store, and in lots of colours! I’d like white, black and maybe pink and purple too 😛


Chocoberry Skirt


The only skirt from my selection, because this is just damn adorable. I’m usually a fan of darker colour combinations, but I’m keen on the spotty black pattern, so I think I’d go for the mint!


 Antique Clock Dress



Either the dark coloured one, or the mint one.


Heart Chocolate Sweet Biscuit Jumperskirt


This is my favourite 😀 Whilst, again, I’m fond of the mint (And having a colour scheme is nice!), I LOVE the black and pink stripes. I’ve been inspired especially by this post on ‘bittersweet’ lolita, and this jumperskirt fits that perfectly!


And here we have two macaron (macaroon?) theme Jumperskirts: Polka Dot Macaron and Polka Dot Rose Border



I like the polka dot a whole lot more on these pieces, and macaroons (macarons?) are hella adorbs yo.

And they have matching socks!



Some more adorable socks:



And last but not least: Shoes!


Lolita boots with little bows! In black, which will go with everthing, sweet or gothic!



And some adorable wedges. I like the little different coloured lace-effect edges, most likely the black with white.

I’m not too adventurous when it comes to shoes, some people get shoes to match each of their dresses, but I’d rather have things that are cute and go with as much as possible!



I actually already have a pair of heels similar to these in black, but maybe I’d like a brown pair. Love a good pair of oxfords!


Phew! That’s everything! Next, I’ll be thinking about my ideal ‘wardrobe’, and different outfits co-ordinations, before branching outside the safe inexpensive Bodyline website, to the luxurious  world of brand Lolita!


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