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And That’s What You Missed On Glee!: Glee Actually

I don’t quite understand the supposed link between this episode and the film Love Actually. First of all, I really want to write it with a comma: ‘Glee, Actually’. Secondly, yes, I get it Love Actually is about a bunch of separate stories at Christmas time interwoven and somehow linked loosely at the end, but isn’t that what Glee is anyway?

So what this episode attempts to do to recreate this by having five unrelated story lines, and rather than chopping them up like in a regular Glee episode – and, in fact, the movie Love Actually – they show the story lines in isolated lumps, one after another, and confusingly in non-chronological order. Kinda like  five mini episodes back to back, so you can appreciate each little Christmas Miracle separately. Or, you know, go off and make a cup of tea during the stories you don’t care about.

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