T-shirts I Will/Might be wearing in 2014: Kawaii Edition


A.K.A: Further Adventures In Kawaii : Etsy Edition



[Jumper above: Not on my list but can be found here]

Searching ‘Kawaii’ into Etsy and scrolling through all the crazy shit that comes up, is one of my favourite hobbies. But sometimes, some reasonable, cute items come up. SOMETIMES.

Insult Heart Candy Kawaii Sweatshirt // Pastel Goth // fASHLIN

Cute AND mildly offensive. Nice. Find it here.

Cute Mermaids! from em&sprout

My favourite find was this adorable store, with cool designs including anime/manga inspired prints:



And don’t forget about my long-wanted shirt from TopatoCo:

2 Kawaii 4 U Shirt (Silver)

The award for the worst item I found on Etsy while searching for ‘kawaii’ tops:

UNISEX Reblog 90s Kawaii Seapunk Tumblr Muscle Tee in Black // Pastel Grunge // Sailor Moon x Zelda // fASHLIN

Imagine this paired with my leggings. IMAGINE. (Can be found along side the Candy Hearts Sweater above)


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March 6, 2014 · 2:43 pm

Adventures in being Kawaii

I am currently sitting in a cafe, stealing their wi-fi and not ordering anything, because I don’t currently have internet at my house, other than my painfully slow Mobile 3G. ITS BEEN HELL. But in between downloading the latest Land of Fans and Music album onto my god-awfully slow laptop, and halfheartedly looking for job vacancies, I’m eager to update this blog with just what I’ve been doing the last couple of months.

Well, knowing full well I wasn’t gonna change a damn thing about my lazy approach to life anytime soon, I made my new year’s resolution a more realistic target:



I’ll admit I wasn’t sure where to start.

There was always Etsy, as explored in a previous post of mine, but I wanted to enter this new age in my life with at least an attempt at an inch of class.

But to my luck, my new found aim in life was realised at exact time that the genuises at L’Oreal decided to release this gem.

Photo: Discover your Miss Manga look & add Kawaii attitude to your photos http://bit.ly/1cvJJsA

It was a sign from God. This was meant to happen.

I got it in fucking purple.

Photo: Want mega volume lashes? Open your eyes with Miss Manga! Learn more: http://bit.ly/1lK68V6

Look at that Panda. Just look at its sailor fuku and manga~ lashes that are inspiring us to buy mascara. I want to be as manga~ as that panda. It is my role model in life.
Unfortunately that panda fucking lied to me.
My eyes ended up looking more like this:

Was not instantly kawaii upon application. Would not recommend.

Not long afterwards I found the most hideous piece of clothing ever created. (Found where all the other most hideous pieces of clothing on Earth are sold: Primark)

Just LOOK. It’s just so fucking awful. I want 10 of these. I want my wedding dress to made out of this material.

There was only one pair left and they were in my size.

It’s another sign, I tell ya. God WANTS me to live the Kawaii Life. It is the path chosen for me, to walk in hideous clusterfuck leggings.

Other Items I Have Come Across:

These adorable Kitty tights are all over teh internets. I totally want my legs to be cats.

underwear cat kitty tights black white black and white cat tights cat tights

Ok, I’m ignoring my no-Etsy rule for a second, because this Etsy item is an old friend of mine. We have a sort of love/hate relationship. Maybe one day I will be Kawaii~ enough to wear this necklace with pride.

Mpreg Necklace

More adventures to come soon! I promise this time, because I’ve already started writing them.

[none of the pictures used in this post belong to me]

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T-shirts I will definitely be wearing in 2014 – Part 1 of hopefully more than 1

You no longer have to use your imagination OR my photo editing skills to see me in my new tops of 2014 because I now actually own and am able to physically wear at least one of those shirts!

Purchased from sharkrobot.com, and including some friends! (The shirt’s friends, not mine. I don’t have shirt friends. Or non-shirt friends actually.)


It’s the funniest line from a youtube video of a guy pretending to be an anime character playing a video game I’ve ever heard!




I don’t actually draw comics, but I sure like forgetting things I should be doing other than drawing comics



A reference to an anime I have not seen, but intend to see which is practically the same thing.


And finally, a BONUS KEYRING of chibi Seto Kaiba screwin’ the rules.

Hopefully I will purchase some other similarly nerdy and awesome shirts some time in the future, sometime this year. Otherwise I will have to wear these same four shirts all year round.

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50TH POST SPECIAL: Six T-Shirts I Will/Might Be Wearing In 2014

This is the 50th post on my blog, so to celebrate I bring you a very super special awesome and important post featuring:


with special appearances from MY MAD PHOTO EDITING SKILLZ WITH MSPAINT so that YOU may have some idea to how I WILL/MIGHT look wearing said t-shirts!

1) Welcome To Night Vale Cecil & Carlos Shirt from TopatoCo


Welcome To Night Vale is a podcast, but it also an internet sensation. Yes, things without pictures can be good too! Also, there’s gays. 

2) 50% OFF Thug Seme Vest Top from Rodeo Arcade


50% OFF is an abridged series of the anime Free! and its SUPER GOOD AND GAY co-made by and co-starring Octopimp, who is a cool dude and voice actor who does alot of Homestuck stuff including but not limited to the voice of Eridan Ampora in Collab’s Let’s Read Homestuck. Also, it featrures LittleKuriboh. Little fucking Kuriboooohh. So yes, good thing, go watch.

Unfortunately, the shirt not 50% off #originaljoke

3) Homestuck Dave Strider Graphic Tee from What Pumpkin


Of course there had to a Homestuck shirt in here.

Me taking a selfie of Dave taking a selfie.

4) 2 Kawaii 4 U Shirt from TopatoCo


Finally, a shirt that sums up my existence.

  5) A Wizard Has Turned You Into a Whale Shirt from TopatoCo


Remember when Roy from IT Crowd wore this shirt that one time? Well now I can cosplay as Roy EVERYDAY.

Also, it’s made by the Dinosaur Comics guy.


6) Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged Foxy Boxes T-Shirt from Shark Robot

foxy boxes

Heh Heh, Foxy Boxes.

From the Marik Plays Bloodlines series, part of Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged made by GOD AMONGST MEN LittleKuriboh.

Liiiitttlllee Kuuuriiiiboooohhh.


Here’s to Fabulous~ New Year full of new shirts!

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FEMINISM FRIDAY: Moar Christmas Shopping


Boys are the best things for girls. With magazines that tell girls that boys are the best things for them in close second.



No, but seriously if you even think about using this card to buy candles or tampons we will confiscate this card from you, only after having used it to hack of the testicles you don’t deserve.

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FEMINISM FRIDAY: Christmas Shopping

Welcome to the first of hopefully weekly installments of Feminism Friday!

Now, of course I’m a feminist everyday, and sexism happens everyday, and everyday I see little acts of sexism. So the aim of these posts are to gather up all the feminist fury I’ve built up in the week, to showcase them and have a little rant.

So, this week in everyday sexism: Christmas Shopping!

I’m doing a little grocery shopping on day when I come across THE CHRISTMAS ISLE and find these little gems

image image

It’s a range of products such as tools and torches – I.e. USEFUL things that everyone needs to use – that are targeted at MEN with the reasoning placed to their individual taglines: BECAUSE EVERY MEN SHOULD <insert universal concept such as being able to breathe or think>



imageThis is a small cheap torch attached to a keyring that is claiming to assist men see the world the way they wish they could view it. For only £3? The future is now, people.

I feel a little sorry for men. Oh boy it’s a …. magnifying glass. I have always wanted one of those that is a great present. Another travel tool kit? Oh, yeah, because that is something I wanted. It is something I enjoy having and not a stable element of every home for completing tasks that are fun and definitely not chores.

Then we move to the LADIES section.

image image image

Because women aren’t required to ‘have all the answers’ or ‘be equipped’.

What they NEED is CHOCOLATE.

and to be ‘made’ beautiful.

and shoes.

They don’t get to ‘see things their way’.


They get a little Glam.

What does that even mean. Is this keyring claiming to make you automatically and instantly more Glam? Boy, you can get a lot for £3 nowadays. Also, notice the fact that it’s functional is irrelevant. Its Glam and that’s all that matters!



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Why Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke is probably the worst song ever written.


1. It’s an annoying song. You’re walking though a store one day – or, say, working a shift in a store perhaps – when you hear this song, with a very heavy and repetitive beat. You don’t even need to hear the lyrics, this song is annoying. So annoying. Thirty seconds in, you’re considering going to the front desk and asking them to save you from this torment. Or request that they never play it again at the risk that you may quit. Or leave the store, whatever. 

2. It’s lyrics are linked with rape-culture. A few days later you’re hearing all this controversy about a song called ‘Blurred Lines’ which supposedly about rape. You listen to it, preparing to be disgusted and the first thing that strikes you is it’s that goddamn song. It’s following you, and it turns out to be about rape. The chorus goes a little like ‘You’re a good girl/ I know you want it’ and the title itself, ‘Blurred Lines’, are references to dubious consent, and uncomfortably close to things often reportedly said by rapists to or about their victims.

Well, this has to be the worst song ever you think. But it gets worse.

3. It’s lyrics are generally sexist. You listen a little closer to the song, and are further disgusted by the lyrics. The girl that the song is directed at is repeatedly referred to as ‘bitch’, and also as an animal that needs domesticating. A particularly charming line is:



4. It’s lyrics generally badly written.

‘You wanna hug me / Hey, hey, hey / What rhymes with hug me? / Hey, hey, hey’




A little wiki search tells you that they spent 30 minutes writing the song. Unsurprising.

5. Robin Thicke claims it’s totally about female empowerment!

No, really. “That’s what great art does. It’s supposed to stir conversation […] It’s saying that women and men are equals as animals and in power. ” X

He claims they wrote it to encourage girls to embrace their animal instincts, to not be afraid to be ‘bad girls’.

He claims this message is ‘actually a feminist movement in itself.’ 

And if that’s not bad enough,

6. He wrote it about his wife.

‘She’s my good girl. And I know she wants it because we’ve been together for 20 years.’ X

Is it just me, or does that make it even creepier?

7. It’s video is awful. You decide to look up the video and instantly regret it.

I’m sorry, but how do they think they can claim this song is about men and women being equal, when the video features women literally being used as objects.


Flitting around, naked, posing, pulling vacant or silly expressions, being grouped and prodded by the guys. Who, fyi, are completely clothed. Yeah, I am now completely buying that this song is about equality.


Supposedly the video’s aim was to be tongue-in-check. The director claimed ‘I wanted to deal with the misogynist, funny lyrics in a way where the girls were going to overpower the men. […] It also forces the men to feel playful and not at all like predators. I directed the girls to look into the camera, this is very intentional and they do it most of the time; they are in the power position.’ X

Excuse me when I say that this wasn’t exactly how I read the message of the video myself. Apart from the fact that the guys are still very predatory and controlling in their actions towards the girls, the only claim the girls could possibly have to power over the men would be with their bodies.

Thankfully, some great people on youtube have responded with feminist versions of the song and it’s video, this one is particularly great and spot on!

Unfortunately, this is currently one of the top comments,


And so the plight continues.


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