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Adventures in being Kawaii

I am currently sitting in a cafe, stealing their wi-fi and not ordering anything, because I don’t currently have internet at my house, other than my painfully slow Mobile 3G. ITS BEEN HELL. But in between downloading the latest Land of Fans and Music album onto my god-awfully slow laptop, and halfheartedly looking for job vacancies, I’m eager to update this blog with just what I’ve been doing the last couple of months.

Well, knowing full well I wasn’t gonna change a damn thing about my lazy approach to life anytime soon, I made my new year’s resolution a more realistic target:



I’ll admit I wasn’t sure where to start.

There was always Etsy, as explored in a previous post of mine, but I wanted to enter this new age in my life with at least an attempt at an inch of class.

But to my luck, my new found aim in life was realised at exact time that the genuises at L’Oreal decided to release this gem.

Photo: Discover your Miss Manga look & add Kawaii attitude to your photos

It was a sign from God. This was meant to happen.

I got it in fucking purple.

Photo: Want mega volume lashes? Open your eyes with Miss Manga! Learn more:

Look at that Panda. Just look at its sailor fuku and manga~ lashes that are inspiring us to buy mascara. I want to be as manga~ as that panda. It is my role model in life.
Unfortunately that panda fucking lied to me.
My eyes ended up looking more like this:

Was not instantly kawaii upon application. Would not recommend.

Not long afterwards I found the most hideous piece of clothing ever created. (Found where all the other most hideous pieces of clothing on Earth are sold: Primark)

Just LOOK. It’s just so fucking awful. I want 10 of these. I want my wedding dress to made out of this material.

There was only one pair left and they were in my size.

It’s another sign, I tell ya. God WANTS me to live the Kawaii Life. It is the path chosen for me, to walk in hideous clusterfuck leggings.

Other Items I Have Come Across:

These adorable Kitty tights are all over teh internets. I totally want my legs to be cats.

underwear cat kitty tights black white black and white cat tights cat tights

Ok, I’m ignoring my no-Etsy rule for a second, because this Etsy item is an old friend of mine. We have a sort of love/hate relationship. Maybe one day I will be Kawaii~ enough to wear this necklace with pride.

Mpreg Necklace

More adventures to come soon! I promise this time, because I’ve already started writing them.

[none of the pictures used in this post belong to me]


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50TH POST SPECIAL: Six T-Shirts I Will/Might Be Wearing In 2014

This is the 50th post on my blog, so to celebrate I bring you a very super special awesome and important post featuring:


with special appearances from MY MAD PHOTO EDITING SKILLZ WITH MSPAINT so that YOU may have some idea to how I WILL/MIGHT look wearing said t-shirts!

1) Welcome To Night Vale Cecil & Carlos Shirt from TopatoCo


Welcome To Night Vale is a podcast, but it also an internet sensation. Yes, things without pictures can be good too! Also, there’s gays. 

2) 50% OFF Thug Seme Vest Top from Rodeo Arcade


50% OFF is an abridged series of the anime Free! and its SUPER GOOD AND GAY co-made by and co-starring Octopimp, who is a cool dude and voice actor who does alot of Homestuck stuff including but not limited to the voice of Eridan Ampora in Collab’s Let’s Read Homestuck. Also, it featrures LittleKuriboh. Little fucking Kuriboooohh. So yes, good thing, go watch.

Unfortunately, the shirt not 50% off #originaljoke

3) Homestuck Dave Strider Graphic Tee from What Pumpkin


Of course there had to a Homestuck shirt in here.

Me taking a selfie of Dave taking a selfie.

4) 2 Kawaii 4 U Shirt from TopatoCo


Finally, a shirt that sums up my existence.

  5) A Wizard Has Turned You Into a Whale Shirt from TopatoCo


Remember when Roy from IT Crowd wore this shirt that one time? Well now I can cosplay as Roy EVERYDAY.

Also, it’s made by the Dinosaur Comics guy.


6) Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged Foxy Boxes T-Shirt from Shark Robot

foxy boxes

Heh Heh, Foxy Boxes.

From the Marik Plays Bloodlines series, part of Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged made by GOD AMONGST MEN LittleKuriboh.

Liiiitttlllee Kuuuriiiiboooohhh.


Here’s to Fabulous~ New Year full of new shirts!

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It’s been long over a year since I Graduated, and apparently I was far too busy doing very important and constructive things to write a post about it – or in fact any posts. So let’s have a look at What Steve Has Been Up To:

In all seriousness, I have two jobs. They suck. One of them I hate and the other won’t give me the hours I need. I put all my emotional and physical energy into working these little jobs and get paid squat. The job market sucks. I’m slowly dying inside. That’s the update.

As much spare time as I have, and as much as I want to do something productive and creative in that time, I find it hard to find the motivation. I’m stuck, stagnant. I come home exhausted and wake up exhausted. I’m uninspired. It’s like permanent writer’s block. It creates a loop of failure and disappointment and pessimism, and it’s hard to produce anything in that. It’s hard to put the time aside. Especially when all I want to do is sleep, and there always seems to be shit to do and never enough time.

This, my friends, is being an adult. And it sucks.

No, literally – sucks. The life and love and light and breathe out of you.

I can’t even gather enough energy to wash the dishes, so how can I sit down and write? And write well?

This month is November. It’s that last month in the year before the Christmas panic when we reflect on the last year and think, well fuck. That didn’t go the way I wanted it to.

That is so much the way I feel that I feel depressed just thinking about this little blog. I had such hopes and dreams for this blog! This year was supposed to be the year I rebound from my post-graduation slump and come into myself as a confident young woman!

Instead, that slump became a ditch. And if there is anyone, anyone, even fucking reading this blog – I apologise.

This is me, trying. Because this is all I can do. I’m not gonna attempt NaNoWriMo because that is a mountain, but I am ready to try to get into writing again because that’s sea-level… (you know, coz of the ditch metaphor…)

So yeah – see you around more often hopefully.


Also, in spirit of the best Halloween tradition ever – kawaii dressups:

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Top Thirteen Songs of Glee Season 4

glee club

It’s the exciting finale of this year’s thrilling season of Glee, and although I imagine there’s gonna be some top-notch, memorable and totally-worthy-of-winning-a-national-competition performances, I’m gonna announce now what have personally been the musical highlights of this season.

I mean there’s just so much talent to pick from.




But I managed to narrow them down to just thirteen. Here we go, in roughly ascending order:

[EDIT: This post did originally feature youtube videos, but of course they stopped working, so i put some pictures up instead <3]


Girl On Fire – Santana

Gotta love a bit o’ Santana. She’s had quite a few awesome and well deserved solos this season for someone that only became a regular character again two thirds of the way in. This song is my favourite of them (And not just because I can pretend she’s singing That Boy Is A Bottom…)

The end sequence is particularly beautiful and inspiring, seeing her emerge from the subway station and onto the streets of New York. As sad as her leaving Brittany behind is, this ending just makes me very happy.


It’s Time – Blaine

Look at him. Just look at him, skipping and playing cup games. D’aww. Blaine encourages Kurt to go chase his dreams in NY the only way he knows how, through the medium of song. Obligatory first episode school courtyard song, no less. But it’s lovely and adorable, and the working in of the skipping rope and cup games, representing the childhood Kurt is leaving behind, sob sob etc. is pretty cool too.


Teenage Dream (Acoustic) – Blaine

As I’ve stated before – Proof that Ryan Murphy is pure evil and lives off the smell of fangirl/boy tears.

Blaine prepares to tell Kurt he has cheated… yes, through the medium of song. But with an acoustic, stripped down, live-performed version of the song he sang when they first met.


Don’t Speak – Finn, Rachel, Blaine & Kurt

Great cover. God, this episode was depressing.


Beauty-School Dropout – Blaine

Some more Blaine! I just love this song, the performance is perfect, and that sad little Kurt and Blaine eye contect…

Ok, that’s quite enough of that. On to the fun stuff:


Look At Me, I’m Sandra Dee – Kitty

That’s more like it. Kitty quickly became my favourite newbie: she was a huge bitch, and now she has a heart AND is a huge bitch. Perf.


Little Girls – Sue

I’ve pretty much been waiting four years for this. Or, maybe, my whole life.


Mama Mia – Whole flippin Cast

Ok, awful cover. Just an awful, awful cover. But god do I love this performance. Doesn’t watching them dance around just warm your heart? Don’t the lyrics just sum up your relationship with Glee? I know it does for me.


Wake Me Up Before You Go-go – Blaine and Sam

Hey, this episode was about guilty pleasures! I’m allowed to enjoy this song. I’m allowed to enjoy watching Blaine jump around in shorts and fluffy hair. I’m allowed to enjoy Blaine and Sam acting incredibly heterosexual with each other.


Copacabana – Sam

Yeah, um, I really liked this episode. Copa! Copacabana!


I Still Believe/Super Bass – Sue and Blaine

Boy, is there a lot of Blaine in this list. But that’s not the important part here.

Sue is doing Nicki Manaj.


Old Time Rock & Roll/Danger Zone – New Direction Boys

Ok, it’s a Tom Cruise medley. Nuff said.


Creep – Rachel and Brody

Easily the best performance of the season. Just when you hate Brody so much you’re willing for Finn to kick his ass, he goes and pulls off this performance and… oh, he can sing. Like, really… wow. I mean, I know he lied and stuff, but… maybe we were being just a little hasty, I mean… does he have to go? Just a couple of solos first?


And a very Special Mention to:

Come What May – Kurt and Blaine

I’m not the biggest Moulin Rogue fan, so sue me. But Klaine fans have been wanting this since Baby it’s Cold Outside so I’m pretty happy it happened. Plus, I like how it was done, so classy and meaningful (which is more than I can say for that movie, but I’ve said too much).

Join me next time (i.e. after I’ve watched the finale) for the worst performances of the season!


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It’s Been a While…

It’s been exactly a month since I’ve posted anything here, mostly because I’ve gotten a new job (huzzah!) and I’m not all that used to getting up before 9am or sleeping before 2am, so I’ve been a little preoccupied.

But that’s no excuse to leave my little blog so empty for so long, so I’m going to strive to keep posting here as much as possible! My new target is once a week, pushing it up to twice a week once I’ve got the ball rolling.

Another new target of mine – seeing as it’s a quarter of the year in, I can make new resolutions, right? – is to do more writing. I’ve been doing ok on that front overall, by typing up bits and pieces on my phone whenever I feel like it, and I’ll post about all that soon too. But I’m not actually sitting down and doing anything. Nothing is solid or forming into full drafts. It’s kind of lazy of me, so I need to start sorting that out. Over the last month I’ve done about three days of work based on that Script writing book I’ve been reading. And today and yesterday were days off and supposed to be my oh right Imma get down and get some motherfucking writing up in this joint but alas, nothing. So bloody lazy. And I’ve got cleaning to do. Meh.


Other New Quarter Resolutions are:

  • Play with rats more (Ideally, play with baby rats 1hour+ every day.) 


  • Read more 

I read The Virginia Monologues recently – Hilarity! – and am currently reading Battle Royale which is one of the longest books I’ve ever read, but completely awesome and brilliant and I’m about half way through so far.


  • Keep up a 25 minimum of work hours a week

My now two jobs both consist of 10 hours weekly, not including overtime, so I have to make sure I get enough overtime so I actually have enough money to live…

So there’s a lot of More in my new targets, but that’s probably because there’s a lot of not a whole lot happening in my life currently. It’s all baby steps, my friend.

I have a couple of posts drafted to update soon, so More is on it’s way…

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I’m 22, and this morning I woke up with a hangover.

I’m getting old.


Not that this should be an unusual thing for someone my age, but because I haven’t ever been hungover without having previously drank entire bottle of vodka and/or violently vomiting. Trying to count how many drink I had last night, I’m sure I can count them on my fingers, however there was much drink mixing and much smoking so these may have been contributing factors.

It’s morning now – my floor covered in fast food containers, not all empty – and my house is sorely lacking my hangover cure: juice (preferably orange). I’m trying to put with water,  but it just doesn’t have the same kick of sugar levels required in this moment of need. It seems all the alternative drinking substances in the house are either alcoholic, or mixers which after getting drunk tend to taste to me alcoholic for reasons I can’t explain.

However, I’m now up, washed, dressed, productively typing, and preparing to go out for lunch on barely five hours sleep.. Maybe it’s the thought of the cool Brighton sea air slapping my face, or the possibility of the restaurant i’m going to providing juice, but I’m feeling oddly perky and positive. Which is an unusual feeling for me to have upon waking up, let alone post-alcohol.

I will end with this post with a picture of Darren Criss and some juice.

…There may still be some alcohol in my system.

[images courtesy of and]

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Let’s Get Materialistic Here for a Sec

Here is some stuff that I want. I’m posting them because they are pretty and I want to be able to stare at them when I’m sad. These are all likely things I’ll take pictures of and say ‘oooh look how prettyyy~’ when I eventually get them.

So here are some things I will (hopefully) get:


Cost: £399

It’s been a couple of years – two exactly in fact – and it’s time to update. This goddamn beauty has everything I want or need in a computing device, and not just the ability to run things without over-heating (Note: my current laptop cannot do this). It has enough spec to play my games on (Sims 3 and Spore…) and a flashy camera and microphone built-in so I can record my face and stuff.

Cost: $20 + $22 + god knows how much $ for shipping

Homestuck is this awesome webcomic that’s got a lot of flash and interactive stuff and is the longest friggin’ thing in the world. Act 5 is gonna be twice the size of The Order of the Phoenix if they don’t cut it up.  It’s a bit dull in the beginning, and supposedly the books don’t pay the animated webcomic nearly enough justice, but goddammit do I want these books.

Evil CouncilYugioh Abridged: Screw The Rules Key Chain

Cost: $18 + £10 + IDEK how much $ for shipping

Yugioh Abridged! Giving money to LittleKuriboh! Need I say more?

Cost: £15 each

Pretty sure I was supposed to be getting these for Christmas. But I didn’t and now I need to pay for them myself.

But look how preettttyyy~

Cost: £25 each

Yeah, ok, I like the Sims. So, sue me. I like to make families and houses and shit. I like it and I want to enhance my experience of it.



Release date: Jan 24th & March ’13

Yes more Sims. When I have my new laptop I can have ALL of the expansion packs. All of them.

But seriously looking forward to University Life. That was my favourite Sims 2 Expansion pack, and now I can use it to relive the Uni experience whenever I want!

My Sims are gonna get so drunk

Release date: Feb ’13

Perks is one of my favourite ever books, and I’m very nervous about seeing the movie in case it will ruin the book for me yada yada yada. But the same time I really want to see it. I didn’t see it in the cinema, so I’m saving myself for the DVD. That way I can do a fun screen cap review of it, analyzing all the ways it murdered my childhood.

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