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This Is Getting Ridiculous Now #tshirtsIWishIOwened

THANKS WeLoveFine. As if i needed more beautiful apparel to drool over and spend my hypothetical not-yet-existent money on, then you had to go ahead and run a competition asking all the wonderful fanartists of the Homestuck fandom to design tshirts for sale? Oh, jeez.




The overall winner of the contest was one of my favourite ever fanartists, Ikamaru! She really deserves it, and MAN DO I WANT HER SHIRT.

It’s very hard for me to choose favourites from the rest of the selection, but these two are probably the ones I’d most want to own/wear. One has one of my favourite characters, and one has ALL the characters (almost). So, perfect really.



WeLoveFine already had a few great homestuck merchandise, including must-have accessory: Scalemate Boxers. COSPLAY ACCURATE, YO.


And whilst WhatPumpkin sells plushies of the scalemates, and also the adorable amphibian consorts, they seem to have left out the Squiddles. Who doesn’t want a squiddle? They even have magnetic bellies, so they can tangle-buddy together ❤




There’s also a Lil Cal backpack, but we won’t talk about that.

Lastly, because WeLoveFine also sells merch from other fandoms, I quite fancy myself this cute Adventure Time tshirt. Let’s always be stupid. Forever.



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Sweet Dreams

Look what’s available!



Yes! It’s one of my dream items, referred to in my previous post, now available on!

Also newly available are these bags, in Lavender and Blue, which would go well with the SkySweet outfit I put together.


imageSigh, love Dreamy Bows!

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Dreamy Bows, Dreamy Items


Dreamy Bows is a UK based online shop that sells lolita and kawaii fashion items. This is great news for lolitas living outside Japan, as they can purchase some items from popular and desirable Japanese stores with ease and cheaper postage! Most exciting is the stock from Angelic Pretty, the famous lolita brand. They add new items practically every week, with more and more Angelic Pretty items becoming available! Some of my dream items have recently been added to their stock, so I put together two dream outfits featuring these items:


The main feature to this outfit would be the Sweet Cream House collared JSK in Chocolate Mint

It would be coordinated with rich brown colours, such as these Royal Melty Chocolate Tights in ‘bitter’/dark brown.

I actually love these tights SO. MUCH.

and adding some mint green, these Creamy Doughnut Cutlery Wrist Cuffs in mint.

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Lolita Wardrobe Post

I’m glad I’ve finally finished this! It was really fun and inspiring. Doesn’t look like I’m gonna be getting any of this any time soon, especially since my money and effort are concentrated on cosplaying at the moment, but I’ve recently borrowed a sewing machine and am making some stuff myself which I’ll feature soon.

Warning: bad photo editing lies ahead.

I present to you, my completed ideal Bodyline wardrobe!


Most of the items I covered in my previous posts:

Shirts: short sleeve in black, pink and white, and white long sleeve.

Skirts: Mint Choco Berry and Black high waist

Dress: Mint Ancient Clocks

Jumperskirts: Rose black, Bow black, Pink sweet biscuit and Black polka macaron

Shoes: Black bow boots, Black with white trim wedges, and Black oxfords

Socks: Black stripe macaron, black harlequin pattern, white knee highs and black knee highs

Not from Bodyline:LOLITA ACC

Tights: Pink, and black lace, available on ebay


Macaron necklace, pink headband and lace gloves: I own similar items

Macaron rings, black and white bow rings, cross statement necklace, black mini hat, black rose clip, black bow headband, from Claire’s

Chocomint mint fluffy head bow, from Dreamy Bows

Note: some items, such as JSKs, often feature detachable bows that may be used as a hair clip!

Not featured:

Dual Strap Lace Boston Bag - Black

This black bag, from Dreamy Bows, to match all of the shoes. I didn’t add it to the outfits, because it would be used with every outfit.

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More Tshirts??

Hey! It’s some more shirts I want!

I have about five different home-made versions of John’s Shirt from Homestuck, and I should probably actually purchase one. This is the Trickster version of his shirt, that just became available on, and like it! I like shirts that can double as potential cosplay.

I had this top in my previous post, only that top NO LONGER EXISTS. It is now available in a different colour in stead!


Cecil & Carlos Shirt (Silver)

Yay! Tshirts that I can hopefully get some day!

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Sweet Lolita


Today I’ll be talking about the Sweet Lolita pieces I’ve been been drooling over on Bodyline!

I’m not usually a ‘sweet’ or ‘girly’ person, but there’s a lot of pretty stuff to choose from, so these are the few pieces that grabbed me and I’ve seen positive feedback for.

Honey Parish Blouse



A popular and well recommended blouse from this store, and in lots of colours! I’d like white, black and maybe pink and purple too 😛


Chocoberry Skirt


The only skirt from my selection, because this is just damn adorable. I’m usually a fan of darker colour combinations, but I’m keen on the spotty black pattern, so I think I’d go for the mint!


 Antique Clock Dress



Either the dark coloured one, or the mint one.


Heart Chocolate Sweet Biscuit Jumperskirt


This is my favourite 😀 Whilst, again, I’m fond of the mint (And having a colour scheme is nice!), I LOVE the black and pink stripes. I’ve been inspired especially by this post on ‘bittersweet’ lolita, and this jumperskirt fits that perfectly!


And here we have two macaron (macaroon?) theme Jumperskirts: Polka Dot Macaron and Polka Dot Rose Border



I like the polka dot a whole lot more on these pieces, and macaroons (macarons?) are hella adorbs yo.

And they have matching socks!



Some more adorable socks:



And last but not least: Shoes!


Lolita boots with little bows! In black, which will go with everthing, sweet or gothic!



And some adorable wedges. I like the little different coloured lace-effect edges, most likely the black with white.

I’m not too adventurous when it comes to shoes, some people get shoes to match each of their dresses, but I’d rather have things that are cute and go with as much as possible!



I actually already have a pair of heels similar to these in black, but maybe I’d like a brown pair. Love a good pair of oxfords!


Phew! That’s everything! Next, I’ll be thinking about my ideal ‘wardrobe’, and different outfits co-ordinations, before branching outside the safe inexpensive Bodyline website, to the luxurious  world of brand Lolita!

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Kawaii Adventures : Lolita Fashion

Somewhere in my Kawaii travels I came across a fashion style that I knew very little about, but immediately grabbed my attention.


It started when I found F Yeah Lolita, a blog about Lolita fashion. I knew that it was a Japanese fashion, focusing on being cute and sweet, with yes, some kawaii elements – but something about the cross between fun outlandish get-ups, and the genuine elegance and femininity about the culture (yes, culture!) of Lolita became very attractive to me. I wanted to find out more.


This post on building a Lolita wardrobe is especially useful and inspiring, and I went away immediately scouring Bodyline – an online clothes costume shop that stocks low price alternatives to the expensive designer Lolita brands. Below is an inspiration board I made a while ago of products I liked from the site, with gothic lolita in mind as my main style, with some elements of sweet lolita.


Gothic has always been a fashion interest of mine, especially when dressing feminine. To be honest, I pretty much never dress feminine, and have never had much of an interest in it, but big black dresses with lace and corsets have always been hugely attractive to me.


When I was about sixteen I found a dress of this description in a T K Maxx for £50 and my mum got it for me, probably just happy that I was enthusiastic about a dress for once. It had a corset top, with a big skirt that came half way down my shins, with lots of netting underneath. I got a lot of use out of it over the years! Eventually, I felt it had run its course and edited it for a ‘Kinky’ party in my first year of Uni. I hitched up the skirts so that it was more poofy, came to knee length, and showed off some of the netting. Starting to sound more familiar? It definitely has Lolita potential still, I feel!


Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit me so well these days, so I’m gonna work on editing it a bit into a skirt, maybe use the top part as a separate corset to wear over shirts… All depending of course on what from the dress is salvageable, and my sewing skills. I have been working on some sewing projects, which will be featured in another post – It’s coming along quite slowly though as I don’t have a sewing machine and am doing the whole thing by hand, whoop!


I’ve spent the last couple of months lurking around lolita sites – Bodyline and FYeahLolita of course, but more importantly community sites like the ELG (Elegant Gothic & Lolita) Livejournal. It’s already taught be a lot about how Lolita works as a fashion, the different styles and brands, what’s acceptable and what’s iffy! I feel I should get more into this is other posts, so for now I’ll start at the beginning with some Bodyline items that I like and hope to purchase one day!

I’ll be focusing on Gothic Lolita for now… some Sweet influences to be featured to a later post!

Gathered High Waist Corset Skirt

dress1     Blouse l484 shirt1

I really love this shirt! It’s very versatile as well, as the bow and the sleeves are detachable. From what I’m learning about coordinating, this wouldn’t look so good with the skirt above, the solid chucks white and black would clash too much, but would look better with a jumperskirt, like these:

dress2 dress3

Left: JSK L466 Right: Lace Tiered JSK with Rose Corsage (And a review for it here!)

That shirt is also available in black, so I kind of want it in both colours!

Bunny Ear Blouse

Black with white lace can be a bit iffy in Lolita fashion, and it’s very cutey for my usual tastes, but I think it’s lovely!


Pictures from

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