About Steve

Hi, you can call me Steve.


I’m a young woman that has recently graduated, in the beginning of a new chapter of my life etc etc. It’s a little terrifying so this is a blog following my arrival to this new state of adulthood, trying to find an actual job, trying to find myself frankly.

Some things you might want to know about me: I like television. Like, a lot. Preferably, I’d like to one day work in TV production and writing but there’s lots of interesting things I can be exploring in the meantime (plus, do I have much room to be picky in this economic climate?). I’m engaged, and have a small army of pet rats.

This is a blog of lots of things – my traumatic experiences, ranting about television, a graduate blog, a gay blog, possibly the occasional account of being a rat owner, possibly the occasional case of the nerdy/fangirl ‘feels’. I might even branch out into posting fiction and/or comics here, who knows. Let’s find out!


2 responses to “About Steve

  1. I thought the food section would be bigger…

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