This Is Getting Ridiculous Now #tshirtsIWishIOwened

THANKS WeLoveFine. As if i needed more beautiful apparel to drool over and spend my hypothetical not-yet-existent money on, then you had to go ahead and run a competition asking all the wonderful fanartists of the Homestuck fandom to design tshirts for sale? Oh, jeez.




The overall winner of the contest was one of my favourite ever fanartists, Ikamaru! She really deserves it, and MAN DO I WANT HER SHIRT.

It’s very hard for me to choose favourites from the rest of the selection, but these two are probably the ones I’d most want to own/wear. One has one of my favourite characters, and one has ALL the characters (almost). So, perfect really.



WeLoveFine already had a few great homestuck merchandise, including must-have accessory: Scalemate Boxers. COSPLAY ACCURATE, YO.


And whilst WhatPumpkin sells plushies of the scalemates, and also the adorable amphibian consorts, they seem to have left out the Squiddles. Who doesn’t want a squiddle? They even have magnetic bellies, so they can tangle-buddy together ❤




There’s also a Lil Cal backpack, but we won’t talk about that.

Lastly, because WeLoveFine also sells merch from other fandoms, I quite fancy myself this cute Adventure Time tshirt. Let’s always be stupid. Forever.



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