Dreamy Bows, Dreamy Items


Dreamy Bows is a UK based online shop that sells lolita and kawaii fashion items. This is great news for lolitas living outside Japan, as they can purchase some items from popular and desirable Japanese stores with ease and cheaper postage! Most exciting is the stock from Angelic Pretty, the famous lolita brand. They add new items practically every week, with more and more Angelic Pretty items becoming available! Some of my dream items have recently been added to their stock, so I put together two dream outfits featuring these items:


The main feature to this outfit would be the Sweet Cream House collared JSK in Chocolate Mint

It would be coordinated with rich brown colours, such as these Royal Melty Chocolate Tights in ‘bitter’/dark brown.

I actually love these tights SO. MUCH.

and adding some mint green, these Creamy Doughnut Cutlery Wrist Cuffs in mint.

Matched with cute chocolate themed accessories: Sweet Cream Biscuit Necklace and Ring

Other Angelic Pretty items not (yet!) available on Dreamy Bows that would go with this ensemble:

Sweet Biscuit bag in brown

the Melty Chocolate blouse in brown

and these shoes in brown



featuring the beautiful Milky Planet skirt in ‘Sax’/bright blue

matched with these Misty Sky tights in Lavender

Again, lovethesetights

and adorable Chocomint item,  Fuwa Fuwa Mini Bow 2-Way Clip in blue

Other Angelic Pretty items that would go with this ensemble:

Melty Moon bag in blue or lavender

The Milky Planet cutsew top in blue or lavender

And lastly, the same shoes as featured above, but in blue or lavender


Stay Kawaii Y’all!




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