Lolita Wardrobe Post

I’m glad I’ve finally finished this! It was really fun and inspiring. Doesn’t look like I’m gonna be getting any of this any time soon, especially since my money and effort are concentrated on cosplaying at the moment, but I’ve recently borrowed a sewing machine and am making some stuff myself which I’ll feature soon.

Warning: bad photo editing lies ahead.

I present to you, my completed ideal Bodyline wardrobe!


Most of the items I covered in my previous posts:

Shirts: short sleeve in black, pink and white, and white long sleeve.

Skirts: Mint Choco Berry and Black high waist

Dress: Mint Ancient Clocks

Jumperskirts: Rose black, Bow black, Pink sweet biscuit and Black polka macaron

Shoes: Black bow boots, Black with white trim wedges, and Black oxfords

Socks: Black stripe macaron, black harlequin pattern, white knee highs and black knee highs

Not from Bodyline:LOLITA ACC

Tights: Pink, and black lace, available on ebay


Macaron necklace, pink headband and lace gloves: I own similar items

Macaron rings, black and white bow rings, cross statement necklace, black mini hat, black rose clip, black bow headband, from Claire’s

Chocomint mint fluffy head bow, from Dreamy Bows

Note: some items, such as JSKs, often feature detachable bows that may be used as a hair clip!

Not featured:

Dual Strap Lace Boston Bag - Black

This black bag, from Dreamy Bows, to match all of the shoes. I didn’t add it to the outfits, because it would be used with every outfit.

  First, some gothic outfits with the high-waist skirt:

Untitled1AUntitled1B With the Black JSKs, we can have gothic co-ords with the black blouse, sweet co-ords with the white blouses, and bittersweet co-ords with the pink blouse:

Untitled5C LOLITA (3)Untitled5DUntitled5A   Or, enjoy mixing up the different styles! This lacy JSK is a nice elegant gothic piece, but also very sweet with the bows and rose detail:

Untitled2B Untitled2ALOLITA (18)Untitled8 With the pink and black JSKs, you can have a nice combination of sweet and bittersweet outfits! Untitled6AUntitled6C Untitled6D Untitled6B Untitled9 Untitled4AUntitled4C Untitled4B   Lastly, here are my Mint co-ords, with the dress and chocoberry skirt: Untitled3A Untitled3B Untitled3C

Hope you enjoyed my post y’all.


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