T-shirts I Will/Might be wearing in 2014: Kawaii Edition


A.K.A: Further Adventures In Kawaii : Etsy Edition



[Jumper above: Not on my list but can be found here]

Searching ‘Kawaii’ into Etsy and scrolling through all the crazy shit that comes up, is one of my favourite hobbies. But sometimes, some reasonable, cute items come up. SOMETIMES.

Insult Heart Candy Kawaii Sweatshirt // Pastel Goth // fASHLIN

Cute AND mildly offensive. Nice. Find it here.

Cute Mermaids! from em&sprout

My favourite find was this adorable store, with cool designs including anime/manga inspired prints:



And don’t forget about my long-wanted shirt from TopatoCo:

2 Kawaii 4 U Shirt (Silver)

The award for the worst item I found on Etsy while searching for ‘kawaii’ tops:

UNISEX Reblog 90s Kawaii Seapunk Tumblr Muscle Tee in Black // Pastel Grunge // Sailor Moon x Zelda // fASHLIN

Imagine this paired with my leggings. IMAGINE. (Can be found along side the Candy Hearts Sweater above)


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March 6, 2014 · 2:43 pm

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