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Kawaii Adventures : Lolita Fashion

Somewhere in my Kawaii travels I came across a fashion style that I knew very little about, but immediately grabbed my attention.


It started when I found F Yeah Lolita, a blog about Lolita fashion. I knew that it was a Japanese fashion, focusing on being cute and sweet, with yes, some kawaii elements – but something about the cross between fun outlandish get-ups, and the genuine elegance and femininity about the culture (yes, culture!) of Lolita became very attractive to me. I wanted to find out more.


This post on building a Lolita wardrobe is especially useful and inspiring, and I went away immediately scouring Bodyline – an online clothes costume shop that stocks low price alternatives to the expensive designer Lolita brands. Below is an inspiration board I made a while ago of products I liked from the site, with gothic lolita in mind as my main style, with some elements of sweet lolita.


Gothic has always been a fashion interest of mine, especially when dressing feminine. To be honest, I pretty much never dress feminine, and have never had much of an interest in it, but big black dresses with lace and corsets have always been hugely attractive to me.


When I was about sixteen I found a dress of this description in a T K Maxx for £50 and my mum got it for me, probably just happy that I was enthusiastic about a dress for once. It had a corset top, with a big skirt that came half way down my shins, with lots of netting underneath. I got a lot of use out of it over the years! Eventually, I felt it had run its course and edited it for a ‘Kinky’ party in my first year of Uni. I hitched up the skirts so that it was more poofy, came to knee length, and showed off some of the netting. Starting to sound more familiar? It definitely has Lolita potential still, I feel!


Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit me so well these days, so I’m gonna work on editing it a bit into a skirt, maybe use the top part as a separate corset to wear over shirts… All depending of course on what from the dress is salvageable, and my sewing skills. I have been working on some sewing projects, which will be featured in another post – It’s coming along quite slowly though as I don’t have a sewing machine and am doing the whole thing by hand, whoop!


I’ve spent the last couple of months lurking around lolita sites – Bodyline and FYeahLolita of course, but more importantly community sites like the ELG (Elegant Gothic & Lolita) Livejournal. It’s already taught be a lot about how Lolita works as a fashion, the different styles and brands, what’s acceptable and what’s iffy! I feel I should get more into this is other posts, so for now I’ll start at the beginning with some Bodyline items that I like and hope to purchase one day!

I’ll be focusing on Gothic Lolita for now… some Sweet influences to be featured to a later post!

Gathered High Waist Corset Skirt

dress1     Blouse l484 shirt1

I really love this shirt! It’s very versatile as well, as the bow and the sleeves are detachable. From what I’m learning about coordinating, this wouldn’t look so good with the skirt above, the solid chucks white and black would clash too much, but would look better with a jumperskirt, like these:

dress2 dress3

Left: JSK L466 Right: Lace Tiered JSK with Rose Corsage (And a review for it here!)

That shirt is also available in black, so I kind of want it in both colours!

Bunny Ear Blouse

Black with white lace can be a bit iffy in Lolita fashion, and it’s very cutey for my usual tastes, but I think it’s lovely!


Pictures from


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T-shirts I Will/Might be wearing in 2014: Kawaii Edition


A.K.A: Further Adventures In Kawaii : Etsy Edition



[Jumper above: Not on my list but can be found here]

Searching ‘Kawaii’ into Etsy and scrolling through all the crazy shit that comes up, is one of my favourite hobbies. But sometimes, some reasonable, cute items come up. SOMETIMES.

Insult Heart Candy Kawaii Sweatshirt // Pastel Goth // fASHLIN

Cute AND mildly offensive. Nice. Find it here.

Cute Mermaids! from em&sprout

My favourite find was this adorable store, with cool designs including anime/manga inspired prints:



And don’t forget about my long-wanted shirt from TopatoCo:

2 Kawaii 4 U Shirt (Silver)

The award for the worst item I found on Etsy while searching for ‘kawaii’ tops:

UNISEX Reblog 90s Kawaii Seapunk Tumblr Muscle Tee in Black // Pastel Grunge // Sailor Moon x Zelda // fASHLIN

Imagine this paired with my leggings. IMAGINE. (Can be found along side the Candy Hearts Sweater above)

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March 6, 2014 · 2:43 pm

Adventures in being Kawaii

I am currently sitting in a cafe, stealing their wi-fi and not ordering anything, because I don’t currently have internet at my house, other than my painfully slow Mobile 3G. ITS BEEN HELL. But in between downloading the latest Land of Fans and Music album onto my god-awfully slow laptop, and halfheartedly looking for job vacancies, I’m eager to update this blog with just what I’ve been doing the last couple of months.

Well, knowing full well I wasn’t gonna change a damn thing about my lazy approach to life anytime soon, I made my new year’s resolution a more realistic target:



I’ll admit I wasn’t sure where to start.

There was always Etsy, as explored in a previous post of mine, but I wanted to enter this new age in my life with at least an attempt at an inch of class.

But to my luck, my new found aim in life was realised at exact time that the genuises at L’Oreal decided to release this gem.

Photo: Discover your Miss Manga look & add Kawaii attitude to your photos

It was a sign from God. This was meant to happen.

I got it in fucking purple.

Photo: Want mega volume lashes? Open your eyes with Miss Manga! Learn more:

Look at that Panda. Just look at its sailor fuku and manga~ lashes that are inspiring us to buy mascara. I want to be as manga~ as that panda. It is my role model in life.
Unfortunately that panda fucking lied to me.
My eyes ended up looking more like this:

Was not instantly kawaii upon application. Would not recommend.

Not long afterwards I found the most hideous piece of clothing ever created. (Found where all the other most hideous pieces of clothing on Earth are sold: Primark)

Just LOOK. It’s just so fucking awful. I want 10 of these. I want my wedding dress to made out of this material.

There was only one pair left and they were in my size.

It’s another sign, I tell ya. God WANTS me to live the Kawaii Life. It is the path chosen for me, to walk in hideous clusterfuck leggings.

Other Items I Have Come Across:

These adorable Kitty tights are all over teh internets. I totally want my legs to be cats.

underwear cat kitty tights black white black and white cat tights cat tights

Ok, I’m ignoring my no-Etsy rule for a second, because this Etsy item is an old friend of mine. We have a sort of love/hate relationship. Maybe one day I will be Kawaii~ enough to wear this necklace with pride.

Mpreg Necklace

More adventures to come soon! I promise this time, because I’ve already started writing them.

[none of the pictures used in this post belong to me]

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