T-shirts I will definitely be wearing in 2014 – Part 1 of hopefully more than 1

You no longer have to use your imagination OR my photo editing skills to see me in my new tops of 2014 because I now actually own and am able to physically wear at least one of those shirts!

Purchased from sharkrobot.com, and including some friends! (The shirt’s friends, not mine. I don’t have shirt friends. Or non-shirt friends actually.)


It’s the funniest line from a youtube video of a guy pretending to be an anime character playing a video game I’ve ever heard!




I don’t actually draw comics, but I sure like forgetting things I should be doing other than drawing comics



A reference to an anime I have not seen, but intend to see which is practically the same thing.


And finally, a BONUS KEYRING of chibi Seto Kaiba screwin’ the rules.

Hopefully I will purchase some other similarly nerdy and awesome shirts some time in the future, sometime this year. Otherwise I will have to wear these same four shirts all year round.


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