FEMINISM FRIDAY: Christmas Shopping

Welcome to the first of hopefully weekly installments of Feminism Friday!

Now, of course I’m a feminist everyday, and sexism happens everyday, and everyday I see little acts of sexism. So the aim of these posts are to gather up all the feminist fury I’ve built up in the week, to showcase them and have a little rant.

So, this week in everyday sexism: Christmas Shopping!

I’m doing a little grocery shopping on day when I come across THE CHRISTMAS ISLE and find these little gems

image image

It’s a range of products such as tools and torches – I.e. USEFUL things that everyone needs to use – that are targeted at MEN with the reasoning placed to their individual taglines: BECAUSE EVERY MEN SHOULD <insert universal concept such as being able to breathe or think>



imageThis is a small cheap torch attached to a keyring that is claiming to assist men see the world the way they wish they could view it. For only £3? The future is now, people.

I feel a little sorry for men. Oh boy it’s a …. magnifying glass. I have always wanted one of those that is a great present. Another travel tool kit? Oh, yeah, because that is something I wanted. It is something I enjoy having and not a stable element of every home for completing tasks that are fun and definitely not chores.

Then we move to the LADIES section.

image image image

Because women aren’t required to ‘have all the answers’ or ‘be equipped’.

What they NEED is CHOCOLATE.

and to be ‘made’ beautiful.

and shoes.

They don’t get to ‘see things their way’.


They get a little Glam.

What does that even mean. Is this keyring claiming to make you automatically and instantly more Glam? Boy, you can get a lot for £3 nowadays. Also, notice the fact that it’s functional is irrelevant. Its Glam and that’s all that matters!




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