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FEMINISM FRIDAY: Christmas Shopping

Welcome to the first of hopefully weekly installments of Feminism Friday!

Now, of course I’m a feminist everyday, and sexism happens everyday, and everyday I see little acts of sexism. So the aim of these posts are to gather up all the feminist fury I’ve built up in the week, to showcase them and have a little rant.

So, this week in everyday sexism: Christmas Shopping!

I’m doing a little grocery shopping on day when I come across THE CHRISTMAS ISLE and find these little gems

image image

It’s a range of products such as tools and torches – I.e. USEFUL things that everyone needs to use – that are targeted at MEN with the reasoning placed to their individual taglines: BECAUSE EVERY MEN SHOULD <insert universal concept such as being able to breathe or think>



imageThis is a small cheap torch attached to a keyring that is claiming to assist men see the world the way they wish they could view it. For only £3? The future is now, people.

I feel a little sorry for men. Oh boy it’s a …. magnifying glass. I have always wanted one of those that is a great present. Another travel tool kit? Oh, yeah, because that is something I wanted. It is something I enjoy having and not a stable element of every home for completing tasks that are fun and definitely not chores.

Then we move to the LADIES section.

image image image

Because women aren’t required to ‘have all the answers’ or ‘be equipped’.

What they NEED is CHOCOLATE.

and to be ‘made’ beautiful.

and shoes.

They don’t get to ‘see things their way’.


They get a little Glam.

What does that even mean. Is this keyring claiming to make you automatically and instantly more Glam? Boy, you can get a lot for £3 nowadays. Also, notice the fact that it’s functional is irrelevant. Its Glam and that’s all that matters!




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Why Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke is probably the worst song ever written.


1. It’s an annoying song. You’re walking though a store one day – or, say, working a shift in a store perhaps – when you hear this song, with a very heavy and repetitive beat. You don’t even need to hear the lyrics, this song is annoying. So annoying. Thirty seconds in, you’re considering going to the front desk and asking them to save you from this torment. Or request that they never play it again at the risk that you may quit. Or leave the store, whatever. 

2. It’s lyrics are linked with rape-culture. A few days later you’re hearing all this controversy about a song called ‘Blurred Lines’ which supposedly about rape. You listen to it, preparing to be disgusted and the first thing that strikes you is it’s that goddamn song. It’s following you, and it turns out to be about rape. The chorus goes a little like ‘You’re a good girl/ I know you want it’ and the title itself, ‘Blurred Lines’, are references to dubious consent, and uncomfortably close to things often reportedly said by rapists to or about their victims.

Well, this has to be the worst song ever you think. But it gets worse.

3. It’s lyrics are generally sexist. You listen a little closer to the song, and are further disgusted by the lyrics. The girl that the song is directed at is repeatedly referred to as ‘bitch’, and also as an animal that needs domesticating. A particularly charming line is:



4. It’s lyrics generally badly written.

‘You wanna hug me / Hey, hey, hey / What rhymes with hug me? / Hey, hey, hey’




A little wiki search tells you that they spent 30 minutes writing the song. Unsurprising.

5. Robin Thicke claims it’s totally about female empowerment!

No, really. “That’s what great art does. It’s supposed to stir conversation […] It’s saying that women and men are equals as animals and in power. ” X

He claims they wrote it to encourage girls to embrace their animal instincts, to not be afraid to be ‘bad girls’.

He claims this message is ‘actually a feminist movement in itself.’ 

And if that’s not bad enough,

6. He wrote it about his wife.

‘She’s my good girl. And I know she wants it because we’ve been together for 20 years.’ X

Is it just me, or does that make it even creepier?

7. It’s video is awful. You decide to look up the video and instantly regret it.

I’m sorry, but how do they think they can claim this song is about men and women being equal, when the video features women literally being used as objects.


Flitting around, naked, posing, pulling vacant or silly expressions, being grouped and prodded by the guys. Who, fyi, are completely clothed. Yeah, I am now completely buying that this song is about equality.


Supposedly the video’s aim was to be tongue-in-check. The director claimed ‘I wanted to deal with the misogynist, funny lyrics in a way where the girls were going to overpower the men. […] It also forces the men to feel playful and not at all like predators. I directed the girls to look into the camera, this is very intentional and they do it most of the time; they are in the power position.’ X

Excuse me when I say that this wasn’t exactly how I read the message of the video myself. Apart from the fact that the guys are still very predatory and controlling in their actions towards the girls, the only claim the girls could possibly have to power over the men would be with their bodies.

Thankfully, some great people on youtube have responded with feminist versions of the song and it’s video, this one is particularly great and spot on!

Unfortunately, this is currently one of the top comments,


And so the plight continues.


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It’s been long over a year since I Graduated, and apparently I was far too busy doing very important and constructive things to write a post about it – or in fact any posts. So let’s have a look at What Steve Has Been Up To:

In all seriousness, I have two jobs. They suck. One of them I hate and the other won’t give me the hours I need. I put all my emotional and physical energy into working these little jobs and get paid squat. The job market sucks. I’m slowly dying inside. That’s the update.

As much spare time as I have, and as much as I want to do something productive and creative in that time, I find it hard to find the motivation. I’m stuck, stagnant. I come home exhausted and wake up exhausted. I’m uninspired. It’s like permanent writer’s block. It creates a loop of failure and disappointment and pessimism, and it’s hard to produce anything in that. It’s hard to put the time aside. Especially when all I want to do is sleep, and there always seems to be shit to do and never enough time.

This, my friends, is being an adult. And it sucks.

No, literally – sucks. The life and love and light and breathe out of you.

I can’t even gather enough energy to wash the dishes, so how can I sit down and write? And write well?

This month is November. It’s that last month in the year before the Christmas panic when we reflect on the last year and think, well fuck. That didn’t go the way I wanted it to.

That is so much the way I feel that I feel depressed just thinking about this little blog. I had such hopes and dreams for this blog! This year was supposed to be the year I rebound from my post-graduation slump and come into myself as a confident young woman!

Instead, that slump became a ditch. And if there is anyone, anyone, even fucking reading this blog – I apologise.

This is me, trying. Because this is all I can do. I’m not gonna attempt NaNoWriMo because that is a mountain, but I am ready to try to get into writing again because that’s sea-level… (you know, coz of the ditch metaphor…)

So yeah – see you around more often hopefully.


Also, in spirit of the best Halloween tradition ever – kawaii dressups:

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