Three Episodes From Glee Season Four That Didn’t Suck

I was preparing a list of all of the worst performances of this season of Glee when I realised, where do I start? Baring in mind that Glee has approximately 130 performances a season, and from each season I have coincidently downloaded precisely 70-80 tracks (really, it’s uncanny) I can with the powers of mathematics conclude that 45% of everything Glee records, is either awful or immediately forgettable.

It’s easy to remember the good points, but when half the songs Glee spits out are so-so at best, pinpointing the points where Glee particularly crapped over the art of music is a little hard and exhausting. So why not focus on the good parts for now? God knows I’m negative the rest of the time. So lets take a moment to appreciate the good of the last Glee year, with my Top Three Favourite Episodes of Season Four.

3) I Do

A.k.a. The One Where Everyone Got Laid
Schue and Emma’s wedding falls apart and… Everyone seems to forget about it and celebrate anyway. That awkward moment when you don’t get laid on your wedding night but half your students do.
There was more sex in this episode than razor blades in Santana’s hair. Gay, lesbian, and disabled sex too!
Let’s face it, why do even watch Glee anymore? Because of the ships. So yeah, there’s an episode where Klaine make out in a car, sing a duet and get it on, and Santana uses her powers of mass seduction to introduce Quinn to the land of lady kisses… Who’s complaining? Not this girl.
As for the music, overall some of the more memorable songs of the series, especially (Not) Getting Married Today.

2) Guilty Pleasures

If it wasn’t for the fact that The Breakup pretty much blew the rest of the season away, Guilty Pleasures is pretty much the perfect Glee Episode. Silly, catchy songs: check. Homosexuals: check. No Will or Finn: check.
Every song is enjoyable, from Barry Manilow to The Spice Girls to Radiohead, nothing disappoints. After all, Glee is the ultimate guilty pleasure.

1) The Break Up

A.k.a. Let Us Rip Out Your Heart And Smush It Into Pulp
Nothing else in Season 4 can really compare to The Breakup, it’s all-around moving, well written, with good song choices. It’s a shame they burned up all that talent in the fourth episode.
And why is it called The Breakup anyway? Surely it should be called The BreakupS. All The Breakups. All Of Them.
But would it blow your mind if I was to ping out that there is really only one break up?
Finn and Rachel had already split in the finale of season three, Santana tells Brittany ‘this isn’t a break up’, and Blaine says he’s not sure if he and Kurt are broken up or not. And whatever relationship drama Will and Emma had that gave them right to join in on The Scientist, was not break up either. The only break up in the episode was actually between Jake and Kitty, when he dumped her ass in favour of Marly.
So there you have it. Did I blow your mind? Did I?


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One response to “Three Episodes From Glee Season Four That Didn’t Suck

  1. I 100000% agree, those 3 were the best, hands down. I also liked ‘Glee Actually’, ‘Shooting Star’ and ‘All Or Nothing’, but the 3 you mentioned are tops.

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