Top Thirteen Songs of Glee Season 4

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It’s the exciting finale of this year’s thrilling season of Glee, and although I imagine there’s gonna be some top-notch, memorable and totally-worthy-of-winning-a-national-competition performances, I’m gonna announce now what have personally been the musical highlights of this season.

I mean there’s just so much talent to pick from.




But I managed to narrow them down to just thirteen. Here we go, in roughly ascending order:

[EDIT: This post did originally feature youtube videos, but of course they stopped working, so i put some pictures up instead <3]


Girl On Fire – Santana

Gotta love a bit o’ Santana. She’s had quite a few awesome and well deserved solos this season for someone that only became a regular character again two thirds of the way in. This song is my favourite of them (And not just because I can pretend she’s singing That Boy Is A Bottom…)

The end sequence is particularly beautiful and inspiring, seeing her emerge from the subway station and onto the streets of New York. As sad as her leaving Brittany behind is, this ending just makes me very happy.


It’s Time – Blaine

Look at him. Just look at him, skipping and playing cup games. D’aww. Blaine encourages Kurt to go chase his dreams in NY the only way he knows how, through the medium of song. Obligatory first episode school courtyard song, no less. But it’s lovely and adorable, and the working in of the skipping rope and cup games, representing the childhood Kurt is leaving behind, sob sob etc. is pretty cool too.


Teenage Dream (Acoustic) – Blaine

As I’ve stated before – Proof that Ryan Murphy is pure evil and lives off the smell of fangirl/boy tears.

Blaine prepares to tell Kurt he has cheated… yes, through the medium of song. But with an acoustic, stripped down, live-performed version of the song he sang when they first met.


Don’t Speak – Finn, Rachel, Blaine & Kurt

Great cover. God, this episode was depressing.


Beauty-School Dropout – Blaine

Some more Blaine! I just love this song, the performance is perfect, and that sad little Kurt and Blaine eye contect…

Ok, that’s quite enough of that. On to the fun stuff:


Look At Me, I’m Sandra Dee – Kitty

That’s more like it. Kitty quickly became my favourite newbie: she was a huge bitch, and now she has a heart AND is a huge bitch. Perf.


Little Girls – Sue

I’ve pretty much been waiting four years for this. Or, maybe, my whole life.


Mama Mia – Whole flippin Cast

Ok, awful cover. Just an awful, awful cover. But god do I love this performance. Doesn’t watching them dance around just warm your heart? Don’t the lyrics just sum up your relationship with Glee? I know it does for me.


Wake Me Up Before You Go-go – Blaine and Sam

Hey, this episode was about guilty pleasures! I’m allowed to enjoy this song. I’m allowed to enjoy watching Blaine jump around in shorts and fluffy hair. I’m allowed to enjoy Blaine and Sam acting incredibly heterosexual with each other.


Copacabana – Sam

Yeah, um, I really liked this episode. Copa! Copacabana!


I Still Believe/Super Bass – Sue and Blaine

Boy, is there a lot of Blaine in this list. But that’s not the important part here.

Sue is doing Nicki Manaj.


Old Time Rock & Roll/Danger Zone – New Direction Boys

Ok, it’s a Tom Cruise medley. Nuff said.


Creep – Rachel and Brody

Easily the best performance of the season. Just when you hate Brody so much you’re willing for Finn to kick his ass, he goes and pulls off this performance and… oh, he can sing. Like, really… wow. I mean, I know he lied and stuff, but… maybe we were being just a little hasty, I mean… does he have to go? Just a couple of solos first?


And a very Special Mention to:

Come What May – Kurt and Blaine

I’m not the biggest Moulin Rogue fan, so sue me. But Klaine fans have been wanting this since Baby it’s Cold Outside so I’m pretty happy it happened. Plus, I like how it was done, so classy and meaningful (which is more than I can say for that movie, but I’ve said too much).

Join me next time (i.e. after I’ve watched the finale) for the worst performances of the season!



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