I’m 22, and this morning I woke up with a hangover.

I’m getting old.


Not that this should be an unusual thing for someone my age, but because I haven’t ever been hungover without having previously drank entire bottle of vodka and/or violently vomiting. Trying to count how many drink I had last night, I’m sure I can count them on my fingers, however there was much drink mixing and much smoking so these may have been contributing factors.

It’s morning now – my floor covered in fast food containers, not all empty – and my house is sorely lacking my hangover cure: juice (preferably orange). I’m trying to put with water,  but it just doesn’t have the same kick of sugar levels required in this moment of need. It seems all the alternative drinking substances in the house are either alcoholic, or mixers which after getting drunk tend to taste to me alcoholic for reasons I can’t explain.

However, I’m now up, washed, dressed, productively typing, and preparing to go out for lunch on barely five hours sleep.. Maybe it’s the thought of the cool Brighton sea air slapping my face, or the possibility of the restaurant i’m going to providing juice, but I’m feeling oddly perky and positive. Which is an unusual feeling for me to have upon waking up, let alone post-alcohol.

I will end with this post with a picture of Darren Criss and some juice.

…There may still be some alcohol in my system.

[images courtesy of mspaintadventures.com and tumblr.com]


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