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And That’s What You Missed On Glee!: Glee Actually

I don’t quite understand the supposed link between this episode and the film Love Actually. First of all, I really want to write it with a comma: ‘Glee, Actually’. Secondly, yes, I get it Love Actually is about a bunch of separate stories at Christmas time interwoven and somehow linked loosely at the end, but isn’t that what Glee is anyway?

So what this episode attempts to do to recreate this by having five unrelated story lines, and rather than chopping them up like in a regular Glee episode – and, in fact, the movie Love Actually – they show the story lines in isolated lumps, one after another, and confusingly in non-chronological order. Kinda like  five mini episodes back to back, so you can appreciate each little Christmas Miracle separately. Or, you know, go off and make a cup of tea during the stories you don’t care about.

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And That’s What You Missed On Glee!: Swan Song

The last episode of Glee ended with the thrilling cliffhanger of Marly fainting at the end of their groundbreaking performance of Gangham Style at Sectionals.


Yeah Marly, you should feel pretty bad about yourself right now.

It’s ok though, Blaine has a juice carton.

Because of this the New Directions are unable to continue performing and are disqualified.


That’s right Finn, you screwed up!

The New Directions are disbanded, and Sue takes ownership of the Choir Room. Continue reading

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I’m 22, and this morning I woke up with a hangover.

I’m getting old.


Not that this should be an unusual thing for someone my age, but because I haven’t ever been hungover without having previously drank entire bottle of vodka and/or violently vomiting. Trying to count how many drink I had last night, I’m sure I can count them on my fingers, however there was much drink mixing and much smoking so these may have been contributing factors.

It’s morning now – my floor covered in fast food containers, not all empty – and my house is sorely lacking my hangover cure: juice (preferably orange). I’m trying to put with water,  but it just doesn’t have the same kick of sugar levels required in this moment of need. It seems all the alternative drinking substances in the house are either alcoholic, or mixers which after getting drunk tend to taste to me alcoholic for reasons I can’t explain.

However, I’m now up, washed, dressed, productively typing, and preparing to go out for lunch on barely five hours sleep.. Maybe it’s the thought of the cool Brighton sea air slapping my face, or the possibility of the restaurant i’m going to providing juice, but I’m feeling oddly perky and positive. Which is an unusual feeling for me to have upon waking up, let alone post-alcohol.

I will end with this post with a picture of Darren Criss and some juice.

…There may still be some alcohol in my system.

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Distracting Myself With READING


I haven’t been posting much lately, because I’ve pretty much been super busy with work and stuff… Nah, just kidding. I’m still a useless lay-about. Mostly I’ve been reading, lots of important reading.

I’ve basically put aside the idea of going off to do an MA for a bit, partly because I can’t really decide what I should do. Should I go on with English Literature? Study Film? Or Screenwriting? Or just something awesome like Japanese Studies or Science Fiction?

It’s all giving me a headache, so I’m decided for now just to fuck it, fuck studying, and just read a shit-ton of books instead. I discovered that most of the modules I think look interesting include full reading lists on the website anyway, so until I can make a solid this is what I want to do with my life choice, I’m gonna knuckle down and ~educate myself~, as it were.

It’s kinda like a masters course, only it doesn’t cost thousands of £s and involves little to no essay writing!

The first book on my reading list is this:

Writing in Pictures: Screenwriting Made (Mostly) Painless


It seemed like a good place to start, a self-acclaimed no-bullshit introduction and guide to screenwriting, written by an actual screenwriter (always promising) and screenwriting university professor. So far the book is really good; the first few chapters basically talk about the nature of screenwriting as a profession, and as a writing form, and pretty much persuading the reader to avoid it at all costs – which is far enough, because it’s making sure you’re committed to the art. About twenty pages in, it pretty much confirmed my belief that screenwriting is something I’m passionate about – not only did it remind why I love it so much, but also helped me realise why I’m so shit at writing in other forms. Such as prose, I always write the dialogue first, and force myself to go back and insert description in between, ending up describing in detail where the characters’ eyes are looking or how they’re sitting. I tend to think ‘in pictures’, as it were. Further into the book involves writing exercises, which I’m pretty excited about.

Slightly less academically speaking, I’ve also been busying myself with:



Bakuman is a fantastic manga, written and illustrated by the same duo as Death Note. And whilst the writing is still clever, and the art still beautiful, the tone and theme couldn’t be more different – the anime presents it as practically shojo, although the manga itself is really more of a coming-of-age slice-of-life story. The two protagonists – young boys in middle school – team up with a dream to create manga together, and the comic follows their path with the complications and lessons along the way.

It’s pretty inspiring stuff, a touching and hilarious tale about a couple of kids wanting their dreams to come true, and learning how to do so without compromising their art. I recommend it to anyone with artistic or creative dreams – and it’s pretty down-to-earth and often brutally honest at times, so it doesn’t feel too washed over with magic and happiness (this is, after-all, from the parents of Death Note). I’ll emphasis again that it’s main charm is the clever writing – afterall, it’s a story about a couple of kids creating manga, what’s exciting about that? Well, a lot, as it happens. You really root for these characters, and believe in them more and more as they grow and mature. It’s got true heart, this manga.


The series also has an anime, which is excellent but unfortunately wasn’t too popular in the US as the dubbed series only ran for 7 episodes (!) although I would recommend watching them personally – for Shujin’s voice alone, which was just perfect. I know a lot of anime fans disagree with dubs but I happen to love a good English dub. Problems arise if the voices are all wrong (like the dub for the schoolgirl cast of K-On? Just creepy) or the dub is inaccurate, but having read the mangas I’d say the dialogue is pretty much spot-on – bar a couple of iffy comments about women and marriage, in which I was glad for some westernisation in those cases.

I’d also like to mention here the band Area 11 whose album All The Lights In The Sky is out and in the UK top 10  Indie Album chart this week, and whose song Dreams & Reality is based on Bakuman. The album also has songs based on anime such as Death Note, Cowboy Bebop, and Code Geass (also the namesake of the band), and video games too. Check them out!

And lastly, not strictly speaking (or non-strictly speaking) a book, but none-the-less time consuming and brilliant:



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