And That’s What You Missed On Glee! Dynamic Duets


Just when you thought Glee couldn’t get any sillier.

omg (8)

How silly is this episode?


First of all, the glee club members have superhero identities:

dd2 dd3

Huzzah, racism. (Should have gone with the Invisible Girl)

dd4 dd5George W. Bush is Sam Evans.

dd6 dd7Joe is Willow Smith.

dd9dd8Sugar is Batman.

dd10Blaine is Robin.

dd11Couldn’t say who Artie is.

dd12Becky is sassy.

dd13 dd14Brittany is herself.

dd27And Beiste is scientifically incorrect.

Somehow, we can tell this is going to be a Blaine episode.


Secondly, Finn is a teacher now, and that’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard.



He can’t even write on a wipe board.


That’s his only job!


His ideas are awful, and he should feel bad about them.

dd21 dd22

Nightbird is not amused by this shit.


He doesn’t even notice when the glee club’s trophy disappears

dd24 dd25

Its only gone and been stolen by some… supervillians.

dd16A supervillain that likes stroking phallic objects.

I wonder who he could be!? Who is he working with? And is he bi-curious?

dd32Well, he must be the evil supervillian going around stealing phallic objects, if he has a revolving chair and a cat.

But more importantly, is he bi-curious!?

dd33 dd34Thank you!

dd35 dd36Yeah, apparently the Warblers have become a cult in Blaine’s absence.

dd37Your evil voodoo blazer isn’t gonna work on me!

dd38But, egads! he puts on the blazer, and creepy shit starts happening:

dd39Evil Voodoo fireplace!

dd40Evil Voodoo cat!

That not even slightly bi-curious monster!

dd41A solo? No, I couldn’t possibly…

dd42 dd43Oh, if you insist!

dd44He later approaches his fearless leader

dd52And let’s him know he’s gonna transfer. Again. Again, again, again.

dd53 dd54Oh, hairgel jokes. Nice.

Meanwhile in that newbie love triangle we all try to ignore, Jake and Ryder are at odds with one another

dd17Same, gurl.

But do it they shall, Marly. Do it they shall.

dd47Just watch them.

dd48Just watch them do it.

dd49Whatever it is… that they are doing…

dd50They get a right telling off from Mr Hudson.


On the other side of the love triangle, Kitty and Marly are getting on surprisingly well.

dd55Because Kitty is evil and is trying to destroy Marly.

dd58 dd59Either that or fuck her, I’m still not sure.

They proceed to perform the most inappropriate performance ever to be broadcast on family friendly broadcasting.

dd60 dd62 dd63 dd64So inappropriate Brittany wants to keep it all to herself.

dd61Funnily enough they were supposed to be singing about female strength and independence, but it seemed to me more like they were singing about needing a man to whisk them off their feet whilst prancing around in tight, revealing costumes. Huh.

dd66Finn ships it!

dd67Yeah ok, we get it, Blaine wears hairgel.

It turns out Blaine ‘Hairgel’ Warbler is revealing to his new  bumchum Sam that he wants to move back to Dalton because he feels so bad about cheating on Kurt.


But the two of them team up and steal back the phallic object!

BLAM2 blamI ship it.

He decides to stay with New Directions, and they all celebrate with an adorable paint fight.

dd73 dd72Everyone! Gang up on Tina!

The episode ends on everyone accepting Finn as their supierior, and giving him a fanny pack of presents.


Including something for poop.


dd76Ah, heterosexual male bonding.


And That’s What You Missed On Glee!



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