Kitty’s ‘New Flavour’ – Who could it be?


Anyone who watches Glee will know that a McKinley Sadie Hawkins dance means three things:

1) following the tradition of the ever popular Prom episodes, there will be a big event with stage performances, dancing and dressing up.

2) Blaine will reflect back on the infamous Sadie Hawkins Dance Incident that lead to Blaine’s 1st (of many) school transfer: him and his date getting gay-bashed. I know the fandom is very much split between those that worship Darren Criss from toes to eyebrows, and those that wish for a world where Glee will go more than two episodes without him having a solo, but for the former group getting to see this important part of back story is pretty exciting.

3) Relationship drama. This time with the added bonus of an event where girls get the power of picking their partners. This episode will be no exception. Not only will be seeing some action with the Marly/Jake/Ryder fiasco, and some Tina/Blaine/Sam/Brittany/Santana drama to boot, but according to recent spoilers, Kitty in particular has got her eye on someone.


Why do I care? Because Kitty is a strange, intriguing character. Totally evil and mental, but compelling.
And I’m curious to what Murphy thinks the glee club have to offer her in the way of romance.

So let me take you through the eligible options here:


Artie has been sorely lacking in the area of romance since his break up with Brittany two seasons ago, even being ditched by Sugar for a 2D cut-out of a leprechaun, so he’s in need of some lovin’. Why exactly these two character would hook up is beyond me, but that’s never stopped the Glee writers before.



Apart from his brief thing with Quinn, which concluded with him considering ditching his religious beliefs in favour of getting some ass, Joe has barely had any storylines since his character was introduced, let alone romance. Hooking up is always the go-to method of giving a character some screen time on this show, so it wouldn’t be completely out of the question for him to be Kitty’s new flame. Again, doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but at least with both of them being Christian they do actually share something vaguely in common.



Finn’s single now, and obviously desperate, and she could probably see the benefit in getting involved with someone in a power of authority over her. Finn isn’t nearly moral enough, or strong-willed enough for that matter, to object to the teacher/student implications, and he does like being bossed around. All things considering though, she could do better.



What with Puck back in town, he’ll be looking a lady for sure. On paper it works perfectly, a couple of bad-ass hotties, taking over Lima together with the power of their voices and pure sexual magnetism. But if there’s anything we know about Puck is that he’s not a fan of girls younger than him, he stays far away from the crazies, and he probably wouldn’t go after his brother’s ex. Would create drama though…



Great name, but Tina already has a storyline that episode and I’m pretty sure that fills her quota for the rest of the season.


Supposedly Sugar also has her eye on someone new, so could these two be thing? Lets see, they’re both cute, sassy, self-centered, potentially bi-curious, batshit crazy… I ship it already. Unfortunately they’re also the two most eligible chicks on the show, and pairing them up will remove them from the dating pool for the men of the show. They’ve got to at least whore them around a bit first.


If they going to give Unique a love interest it’ll most likely be male, otherwise the sexual politics will be too much for Glee to handle, especially in the space of a single episode. Plus, Unique can do much better.


Lauren to rumoured to return this episode, rejoice! Somehow though, the only scenario I can imagine Lauren and Kitty interacting would involve Kitty making some popular culture reference quip about Lauren’s size, and Lauren breaking her in two because she can finish the sentence.


What? You don’t ship it? It’s practically canon. If I’ve learnt anything from fanfiction – and the Kurtofsky storyline – it’s that bullying is stemmed from secret and unrequited homosexual feelings. It practically writes itself. Plus, think how much more complicated it would make the Marly/Jake/Ryder/Kitty love rhombus!

Let’s face reality for a second, I know it’s hard when it comes to Glee, but bare with me here. When Glee says ‘unlikely couple’ they don’t mean a relationship you wouldn’t have guessed but works out really well, it means a relationship you totally saw coming between two conveniently unattached characters who have no chemistry – that’s if they’ve ever even spoken to each other – and are written into a corner for the sake of ‘story lines’.
In this example, Artie and Joe are available and haven’t been up to much lately, so will naturally be paired up with Kitty and Sugar. I want very much for Glee to surprise me, but you know how it is with this show, Sugar and Kitty would all be fighting over White Chocolate if it wasn’t for the fact that he’s already been paired off with fellow blonde air-head Brittany.
So make way for Sugtie and Koshep!

See in the next episode for the thrilling reveal!




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3 responses to “Kitty’s ‘New Flavour’ – Who could it be?

  1. The Blaine’s past will actually mentioned on the episode? You have several people saying that no …

    • I don’t know for sure, I was only going by what had been said about the episode before. If these spoilers were wrong, then I apologise for not getting my facts right. I’m assuming that they will still handle the subject without specific accompanying flashback scenes. I’m sorry if I misled anyone.

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