And That’s What You Missed On Glee!: Glease Pt 2

It’s been a while, but with the Glee hiatus coming to a close, and new episodes starting up again, I figure now’s the time to catch up on my GLEECAPS

So here’s what you missed on


Season 4, Episode 6 ‘Glease’

Mr Shue announces his upcoming  temporary absence from the Glee Club, and appoints our favourite chair-kicking, baby-insulting guy to take over the difficult task of writing weekly words on a board.


Remember this guy? He shot himself with an army gun and has nothing better to do with his life?

Everyone is super happy about this news.


Especially Sue.



And isn’t that great? Wasn’t it getting just a little dull having Sue be on Team Glee? We all knew it had to happen, and I kinda like her being bumchums with Shue, but now he’s out of the picture with Finn douche-head Hudson in control, it was only a matter of time.
In fact, Finn gained Sue as a sworn enemy before Shue even left the building by calling her baby retarded last episode, so there we have it. Let World War Sue commence.

Having already had an episode dedicated to broken up couples in episode 4, aptly named The Break-up, I was surprised that a large quantity of this episode was also set aside to the four main OTPS of the series. Seems they’ve figured out they’re about 95% of the reason anyone watches this show anymore.

Rachel and Kurt come to watch the production, with tickets conveniently paid by her normally horrible teacher, huh… So convenient it’s almost suspicious.


Kurt and Blaine engage each other in a heart-achingly awkward encounter, Blaine staring with tear-brimmed eyes, Kurt avoiding eye contact, whilst Rachel and Finn derp their way through a conversation as if they’re totally friends now, yup, everything’s ok!






Made only more excruciating by Blaine’s hurt little kicked-puppy face every time he looks at Kurt,

g14 g15


And Finn and Rachel – being Finn and Rachel – can’t leave the drama alone and have a (hopefully) final conversation about their broken relationship.


Until he realises her tears are over a boy:


Oh, you’re crying over a guy that isn’t me? I used to be the only guy you’d cry over. Those tears used to be reserved for ME. MY TEARS.
I used to be the only guy who could upset you!
I don’t want to talk to you ever again.

g27 g28

On the other end of the scale, Brittany and Santana are glad to see each other, and Tina and Mike have an exchange half the length of last week’s, literally summing up their entire situation in two lines.
This is the gist of their discourse:


You were great.We should get back together.


I’m glad that I’ve had time to myself and to develop who I am (side note: is this a joke?) but yes maybe we should.

That’s it, character interaction over.


Meanwhile, Kitty has taken residence as McKinley’s Crazy Bitch 2012  and is sewing up Marly’s costume to become tighter.


Girl got skills.

This is all part of an elaborate scheme to get Marly to develop body issues for reasons that haven’t become entirely clear yet, except maybe for revenge for stealing her boyfriend or getting the lead in the musical I’m not too sure at this point. I’m kind of distracted by the lesbian subtext.


Luckily New Finn comes to the rescue! He finds Marly puking and helps her back on her feet. Or should we call him Ryder? After all, if this was Finn then he would make some speech using his own personal experiences and how he overcame it, possibly involving something about poop or his dead dad, and then tell the receiving party that are important to him and/or he finds them attractive and therefore that should make them feel special.

g16 g17

Oh um… nevermind.

Anyway, they kiss.


And Fuck manages to sum up his entire role on this show in one shot.


Oh nooo~ Do I smell a love triangle??

The show ends up going pretty well, although they annoyingly show us a snippet of the show how we wish it could have gone, with the original cast…


That’s just plain mean.

Mr Shue bids farewell to the club, passing leadership and board markers privileges over to Finn.










Fleeting look~


And That Is What You Missed On Glee You Lucky Sons Of Bitches

Join me next time for the Glee Club in spandex



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