And That’s What You Missed On Glee!: Glease pt 1


I know the actual episode was called The Role We Were Born To Play or such, but no one is ever going to remember that, or frankly call it anything other that ‘Glease Pt 1’, because that is what it is.

Plot convenience narrator informs us that Kurt and Blaine have broke. up, despite the fact that in the last episode Blaine said that he wasn’t sure if they had or not.


Blaine sings a heart broken rendition of Hopelessly Devoted To You, whilst looking over his completely healthy Ex-Boyfriend scrapbook.


It’s important to see how torn up and sorry Blaine is over his actions, and I feel sorry for the guy, but I can’t help but notice the irony of him singing how Devoted he is when he was the one that cheated on his boyfriend…


Meanwhile, in a storyline no one cares about, Artie convinces Finn to help out with the school musical, which Finn resentfully agrees to, in between bitching and whining about his total lack of substance and direction in life.


Mike and Mercedes make a pointless cameo!


Just when you thought the Fuck/NewQuinn/NewRachel love triangle was repetitive and unnecessary enough, Finn recruits a New Finn. Only this one doesn’t make you want to punch him the face!


They bond over plot convenience 80s-rock jukebox.


And poop.


I feel disappointed and slightly betrayed, that New Finn wasn’t recruited via shower, as according to Glee tradition.


New Finn joins the other three character replacements in a four-way.


With Blaine conveniently out of the running for Star Role due to a case of the blangst, the four try out for the lead romantic characters of the series- um I mean- musical- and to nobody’s surprise but their’s, the roles are cast to New Finn and New Rachel, dooming New Quinn and Fuck/NewPuck to lesser roles and character irrelevance and obscurity.


Speaking of, Tina has lines in this episode!


(Maybe they should go and make a baby or something, see where that gets them.)

In all seriousness, last episode was entirely dedicated to couples breaking up once one of them goes to university, and yet Tina and Mike get no mention? Their breakup is off screen and brushed over? And now, we get a grand total of 30 seconds dedicated to their break-up drama? That’s actually a lot better than I expected!


Now we get to the most, and possibly only, poignant moment in this pointless episode.


Finn stands up for Unique’s rights as a trans student, and for about 5 seconds Finn gains a smidgen of respect among Glee viewers!

I should have known that this was totally and completely out of character.

Don’t worry, those 5 seconds will end and balance will be restored.


Remember in season 1 when Finn called Kurt a ‘fag’? Yeah.

And Burt laid into him about using that word and would he ever use the word ‘retarded’ against Becky? No, no of course I wouldn’t ever say that Mr. Hummel, said 16-year-old Finn.

And not only is Finn repeating the actions of his 16-year-old self, not only is he going against what he told Burt, that he would never use that word, and not only ignoring all of what Burt said to him, but he’s also being incredibly hypocritical by telling Sue that by being involved in the Glee club and having a kid with Downs Syndrome should have taught her to be better person, without, having himself been heavily involved with Glee club and accepting a gay step-brother as his own family, becoming a better person himself.
What this tells me is that to Finn, being angry allows people to use hurtful and offensive words. What this tells me about the show is that it allows it’s main characters, and Finn one of the show’s main and original focal characters, can get away with these actions without learning anything, without being punished. And still be considered a good guy. Still be considered a hero.

Finn has in two lines said things more offensive that Sue ever has in all her rantings and bigoted abuse. Sue is considered a bad character. Mean-spirited and offensive, but with redeemable and sympathetic qualities. Finn is seen as a praised and sympathetic character, but one that makes mistakes. You learn from mistakes. You grow, you mature. You become a better person. Finn has not. Finn is a douchebag, and apparently will always be a douchebag the way he’s acting.

Why he is a main character is beyond me.

And That’s What You Missed On Glee!

See you soon for Glease pt 2!


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