‘Tis the Season to be Scary!

It’s Halloween! The happiest time of year.

At least it is for me, whose inner child is a little emo kid

And my fiancée, who has an obsession for anything supernatural

It’s like second Christmas for us.
Great food, great films, tv specials, decorations…

Plus, dressing up!

So what are you dressing up as this year?

This year I am going as gothic Lolita kawaii weeaboo girl.

I decided this about six months ago when I grew a fancy for going on Etsy and looking at the really, really bad ‘kawaii Lolita’ things people were making and selling

My personal favourite, and inspiration for my costume, was this young lady at Weeabootique, who makes pixel-styled jewelry using perler beads

I wanted to purchase some of her items especially for Halloween, but I couldn’t on an account of me having no money, and my fiancée refusing to be seen with me wearing a giant necklace that reads ‘MPreg’

I can’t see why.

So instead, I made my own!

I only burnt a hole in one of the sheets of tracing paper, and the grid thingy was only slightly warped…

For the next part of my costume I put my lovely hand-made rainbow tutu (held together by nothing but safety pins and dreams) and pinned in up inside a dress I never wear and pinned a fetching rainbow bow on the front.

I’ll probably end up with pins sticking out of me, but damn will I look fabulous.

Next, my trusty black wig, that has seen many a costume, and this will probably have to be it’s last performance due to it kinda looking like a rat’s tail by this point:

My costume does bare a slight likeness to last year’s, when I was Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way – aka. Enoby the goffik vampire witch mary-sue protagonist from the beautifully awful Harry Potter fanfiction My Immortal.

And uses elements of my Pride outfit from this year, where I was ‘obnoxiously rainbow obsessed person’

Partly because I figure: rainbows = kawaii, goffik = gothic Lolita, and reusing costumes = money saved.

I love dressing up, but I can’t make costumes for shit. My skills include safety pinning, and spending hours in charity shops and 99p stores.

If, like me, you have trouble coming up with costumes here are some handy last-minute, small-effort, budget, ideas for your Halloween get-ups!




Christian Grey (from 50 Shades Of Grey)
– grey tie
– something that can be read as ‘kinky’ – handcuffs, a ruler…

To finish off, here are some Halloween themed links –
FuckNoSexistHalloweenCostumes is a blog comparing male costumes to their female equivalents, to see just how shockingly ridiculous they are.

What’s particularly interesting is how the blogger replies to people commenting ‘why are posting this?’ ‘Whats the big deal?’ ‘Why don’t you just shop in the men’s section?’ ‘Why don’t you just make your own outfits?’. What she points out is that these sexist outfits should not be the only option for females shopping for Halloween costumes. What she points out is the message this entails and the expectations for women on Halloween. Also, that’s it’s hard to make your own costumes or to find male ones that fits, and we shouldn’t have to do this just to find an outfit that covers our asses!

On the subject of prejudices and sexism in costume-wearing, this video highlights people’s attitudes towards little boys or little girls wanting to wear costumes designed for the opposite sex.

The woman at the end of the video really made me happy, not only because she was saying that parents should love and accept their kids for who they are, but when she said the mother should be glad that her daughter wants to be Spider-man because it shows that she wants to be strong. I just loved this. I wish someone would have stood up for the little boy wanting to be a princess though, as it’s far less widely acceptable for a boy to want to be pretty and not ‘fight’ like the soldiers and ninjas he was offered.

I’d like to then lastly link to the Raising My Rainbow blog, about a mother and her young gender- nonconforming son. Last year he dressed as a character from Monster High (think, Supernatural Bratz), and this year as a fairy from Winx, both of which his family are completely fine with. However there are other factors such as how other people will take it, how the little boy and his older brother will deal with bullying… it’s a lovely blog generally.


So have fun! Be fabulous! Happy Halloween!


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