Steve Fails At Blogging


My self-imposed challenge of let’s-post-something-every-day! has failed miserably, as I haven’t been able to even post something every week. It doesn’t help that I’ve tried to write two posts over the last 24 hours that have both ended up being deleted by accidently diverted windows or automatic system restarts and WordPress doesn’t freaking save posts, so I’m now here thinking ‘Fuck this I’m Going Back To Tumblr’ but I’m trying to convince myself not to give up hope yet. I’m forcing myself to write posts in Word first – even though I despise Word (It gives me post-traumatic essay flashbacks) and I prefer to format and add pictures and links etc. as I go along, fellow blog and content writers are insisting it’s the only way to go. So here I am. I’m working through re-typing up my posts (which took me all morning to write – sob!) whilst one-handedly playing fetch with my fiancée’s family’s bored dog.

So this is me, giving my word (to myself more than anything) to get more posts put up by the end of today, and to dedicate myself to have complete faith and trust on Word, as nothing else is nearly as reliable it seems as good ol’ Word. Especially you, WordPress. You bastard.

EDIT: It turns out WordPress does save posts… sneaky WordPress. Well. Don’t I look like a tit. Still learning!


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