Cupcakes, Tumblr, and Cupcake Tumblrs: An Introduction to Tumblr.

Tumblr is a very odd thing.

If you’re unfamiliar with Tumblr, let Auntie Steve give you a little intro.

In a nutshell, Tumblr is a blog site much like any other blog site, but with the handy little novelty of being able to view all the posts of the blogs you’re following in a neat little dashboard. Other blogs and social networking sites of course have dashs, but unlike Facebook the posts actually appear in chronological order and unlike Livejournal the dashboard is essentially the key premise and focus in the structure of the site. Because of this, Tumblr’s users probably realised that long text posts that are usually key to other blogging sites appear ugly and disruptive on one’s dashboard, and so picture-based sites were born, each offering their followers an array of pretty images to fill up their dash.

The other key feature of Tumblr – and, as I can express from experience, the addictive feature of the site – is the ‘reblogging’ tool, allowing you to repost someone else post with the click of a button. The rebloggers thus get pretty pictures on their blog, the original posters get their images circulated, creating publicity for their blog, and so on and so on. These features have made Tumblr increasingly popular for creating ‘hipster’ blogs, with the ability to dedicate blogs purely to the aesthetically pleasing, from people to pieces of furniture. Tumblr has also gained popularity among nerds, fangirls and LGBTQA+ people too, but I’ll get on to them at a later point.

The most popular picture-based blogs appear to those dedicated to either cute animals or food – these of course being the human race’s two favourite things to consistently look at (Naked people are probably pretty high up there too, but let’s keep this clean, ay?).

Today I’m going to be looking at the phenomenon that is Cupcake Blogs.


Cakes are nice to look at, true. Who doesn’t like to stop outside a cake shop and admire the display? But why shut down your computer, leave the house, and hunt down your local cake shop when you can sample baked goods in the comfort of your own dashboard? It’s like the calorie-free cake habit, you can have your cake and not have to eat it too! You can’t argue with those propects.


The premise of this blog is fairly simple. Pictures of cats. Pictures of cupcakes. Occasionally there will be pictures of cats with cupcakes. Or cupcakes with little iced cats on them, you get the idea. No longer will you have to choose between the two.


Similar premise. Like pretty girls? Like cupcakes? Then this is the blog for you! Here’s a picture of a girl, a cat and a cupcake:


I mean, what more could you want?


This is a slightly more obscure prospect. Like guys with beards? Like cupcakes? Maybe it’s being ironic about the ‘hipster’ idea of posting aesthetically pleasing pictures. Maybe it’s commenting on the way in which society stereotypes masculine behaviour. Maybe it’s just some hairy dudes eating cakes.


Cakes. Cupcakes. Cups. Cakes In cups. Cakes on cups. Cups on cakes. You get the idea. But imagine the possibilities… What’s next? Sand-Witches-And-Sandwiches.Tumblr.Com? Doors-Knobs-And-Doorknobs.Tumblr.Com?


This blog crosses the boundaries between ‘hipster’ blogs and ‘geek’/’fangirl’ blogs with it’s nerd-inspired cupcake-porn. Of course you’d have to go back several dozen pages to find anything not associated with Marvel (Marvel-Cakes-And-MarvelCakes.Tumblr.Com? MarvelCakes-MarbleCakes-And-MarvelMarbleCakes.Tumblr.Com?) but some of the stuff here is undeniably cool.

And finally, I’m thinking of starting my own Cupcake Tumblr! Posing-With-Cupcakes.Tumblr.Com. I think there’ll be a pretty big market for this. It contains the human race’s two favourite things: cupcakes and posing.


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