Steve Doesn’t Fail At Life


Somehow I got 2:1 degree. And got a 1st on my Henry James dissertation (despite spelling one of the character’s names wrong – whoops!) and that’s basically all the information I can process right now.

Today’s song is Jesus Christ by Brand New, partly because JESUS CHRIST is all I’m thinking right now, partly because that was the song I listened to when I was crying when I got into my first choice university (despite not getting all the grades they wanted from me – yeah, basically I’m the luckiest son-of-a-bitch in the world) and I’m pretty much feeling the same disbelief and relief – or at least I would if I didn’t have a mixture of vodka and caffeine souring through my veins.


I kind of just feel numb and odd, but I’m sure it’ll hit me later, or maybe I’m just too relieved that it’s finally all over and not a complete waste of my life to feel ecstatic right now.

Also, I’m cosplaying today! I’m ‘Steve when she first came to Uni’ complete with black band tshirt, studded belt, scull neck-scarf, thick eyeliner and crazy hair – I’ve really been committing to the role, spending the whole day listening to My Chemical Romance and Brand New, not wearing a coat even though it’s chilly outside, taking pictures of myself at odd angles…


Maybe this is adding to the odd feeling. I got a few compliments on my eye makeup – and an inquiry about if I was carrying a knife on me – but it’s the end of the day now and my face is itchy, my hair is flattening and I just want to curl up in a hoodie and listen to some Glee – guess that means I’m growing up, huh? Or something.


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