Steve Listens to (Bad?) Music

I have what some people may describe as a ‘bad’ taste in music.

I would disagree, I would say that I have a very varied taste in music. There are few musical genres I don’t like, but I’m also not big on searching out music or discovering new music, and prefer music to find me or to just to stick with what I know and like. When I was kid I only listened to soundtracks from musicals. The first albums I ever bought were My Chemical Romance’s Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, Blink 182’s Greatest Hits, and Smash Mouth’s Greatest Hits, and for a while I would only ever listen to these albums. At another point in my teens I would almost exclusively listen to the bands Taking Back Sunday, Fallout Boy and Nightmare Of You.  I later branched out to Brand New, and there was a period where I was researching goth culture and bought The Cure’s Greatest Hits and these are now two of my favourite bands. At one point in Fresher Year I had a minor obsession with The Smiths. I also love 80s music like nobody’s business.

Currently Listening To:

I tend to buy Greatest Hits, compilation CDs or soundtracks to TV shows and films I like, and this is generally how I discover music. I used the download fanmixes a lot (where fans make ‘mix tapes’ for a character or pairing on a show) or swap mixed CDs with my friends, as I could discover new music still associated with something I knew I liked. This is how I ‘do’ music.

Now you may be reading this list of various bands and artists I have liked (all of which I still like) and be thinking oh god her music taste is terrible. Others may be reading it thinking yeah cool I like them too. We all have different music tastes and everyone – EVERYONE – has something in their music collection that they love listening to that they’re ashamed of, or at least somebody would mock them for. So I understand if you’re someone who doesn’t like my music tastes, or who thinks my approach to finding and listening to music is a crime against music itself or whatever, believe me, I get it. We all also have music that we find annoying. For example, I would probably feel the same way about you if you’re someone who likes the annoying club music they play at my work (I don’t, by the way, work in a club. I work in a supermarket, which probably makes it worse). And god knows I constantly take the piss out of my other half whose favourite artists include Celine Dione and Nickleback.

To this, my lovely fiancée would simply narrow her eyes at me and retort that I am one to talk, seeing as all I listen to is the music from Glee.

Which may or may not be completely accurate. Or, partially accurate. I currently have my iPod on shuffle and am reconnecting with my non-Glee music collection (currently listening to: Vogue – Madonna (!)) but for the most part, yes I like listening to the music from Glee. A lot. I stand by this strongly, partly because I love Glee – something I’m sure I’ll display a lot further in this blog (and there are also things I don’t like about Glee, which I’m sure I’ll also get into in this blog) – and partly because it fits in with how I like my music. It’s a soundtrack to a tv show I like, that is constantly updating and providing new music from a variety of genres, much of it with a show tune twist (or A Capella, oh god A Capella!), whilst letting me stick with what I know and love. It also provides me with new music to discover (Journey’s Greatest Hits – check!) and whilst my beautiful better half claims this makes me one of the douchey kids who suddenly love music once it’s been on Glee, I’d say is there ever actually anything wrong with people discovering new music? At least I’m not one of the kids that are like ‘hey whose this old guy covering Glee?’. Those people don’t deserve music.

Does it even matter what kind of music one listens to? Let’s just agree to disagree and talk about music we DO both like! Like – Lady Gaga? No? Queen? Come on, everyone likes Queen! (currently listening to: Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen (!)) Avenged Sevenfold? Bowling For Soup? Goyte? Katy Perry? Beyonce? …Weird Al??

If you’re appalled by any of my music tastes, and have any music you’d like to recommend, feel free to drop a comment! Help to expand Steve’s music knowledge!

If you’d like to moan at me about Glee or any other music I’ve mentioned, please go here.


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